Jillian Zhong is a programmer, artist, and content creator based in New York and Philly. Currently a student at NYU ITP.

Meteor Glasses (2017)
Acrylic lenses, stainless steel bridge, and high nickel alloy temples
Brand Instagram

@ada.wrong (2016-)
Instagram meme account appropriating the meme medium, online it-girls, and internet oversharing to discuss issues dealing with identity politics including race, feminism, gender, and intersectionality.

Two memes were created for Get Artists Paid's March 2017 strike on Vice Media.

A tote bag designed to translate a meme into a physical format. Made available for sale.

Private Beach (2017)
Arduino and p5 visualization
Installation exploring intersections of private vs. public spaces and individual experiences within a collective experience.
Blog post with project documentation

someone brand new ft. ammi music video (2017)
Collaboration with Haiyi Huang
Music Visualization for someone brand new by fi (ft. ammi) from the sweet 16 EP

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not (2016)
Unity3D with C#, released on Google Play Store for Android
A short piece exploring the digital and the organic, rituals in the modern day, and the app as a medium.
Screen recording demo

sosadtoday (2016)
Video project on various levels of alienation.

Subway Maze (2015)
Unity3D with C#
A surreal, atmopshere-based maze through the subway tunnels.