virtualgoodsdealer x bod [包家巷]
virtualgoodsdealer x bod [包家巷] (2019)
Collection of three hoodies and social media campaign
virtualgoodsdealer creators
virtualgoodsdealer creators (2020)
Curated online shop and social media campaign
Broken Heart Glasses
broken heart glasses (2018)
Acrylic glasses and lookbook
Meteor Glasses
meteor glasses (2017)
Acrylic glasses and lookbook
Private Beach
private beach (2017)
Arduino and p5 visualization
Buenos Aires
buenos aires (2015)
Photograph series
home (2016)
Photograph series
Digital Amulet
digital amulet (2018)
Custom printed circuit board, lazercut acrylic, and chain
asemic writing teachable machine (2018)
Website with ml5 KNN classifier teachable machine
Person Thing #1
person thing #1 (2019)
Custom printed circuit boards and lazercut acrylic
Person Thing #2
person thing #2 (2019)
AR mobile application